Origins welcomes you to an exciting immersive experience…


Tree of Life


a poetic and enchanting
sound, art and performance dinner & dance
inspiring social and ecological change

Imagine a luscious 5-course vegan dinner,
compelling music, dreamy performances, beautiful sensual visuals,
scientific & inspirational talks and a spectacular décor and setting:
all inspired by the Tree of Life.

Seed    |    Sprouts & Roots    |    Stem & Branches    |    Leaves   |    Flowers & Fruits

Tree of Life ‘mythologizes’ the biological process of a seed growing into a tree, to express this natural wonder.
Five dinner courses and performances correspond with these stages of growth

Let us take you on a journey…




The mytheme Tree of Life represents
the connection of all beings with one another, the earth and our universe,
connecting past, present & future, and all thought and belief systems.


We offer food for thought. hoping to inspire people to support (local) tree planting projects.


Artists, chefs, speakers and performers all donate their time and energy to the project. Actual costs are met with the tickets, the rest goes towards restoring and creating forests.




Tree of Life is a traveling concept: The 1st edition was presented in January 2019 in Tulum, Mexico, followed by editions in Paris and Mexico City and now Mazunte.





Tree of Life Mazunte


June 12th, 7 pm

Music, Storytelling and Performance Art:
Origins: Krien & Merante
Chef: Mallika Annapurna


Guest performers
Scientific & Inspirational talks
in a Spectacular Setting…


1000 Mexican Pesos
(5-course dinner, aphrodisiac, 2 glasses of wine, agua del dia, chai, and all art included)



All artists donate their art!
All proceeds go to


KINTI Soluciones Sostenibles A.C. to start a tree nursery and for a hydroponic garden at Annapurna Restaurant, Mazunte