Krien Jozeph & Merante Tamar present

unique avant-garde performances and events with a strong poetic signature, aiming to inspire and amaze, to liberate and put our shared Origins into perspective.

With a background and mutual interest in hermetic philosophy, psychology and the arts Krien Jozeph & Merante Tamar take the audience on a journey,
exploring mythology, metaphysics and science through music, performance art
and poetry…

in search of the miraculous.



Origins: Krien Jozeph & Merante Tamar

With Origins we explore ancient creation myths of the places we visit around the world. We rewrite the stories to make forlorn prose and poetry comprehensive to a wider audience, re-introducing old writers and philosophers to our crowd through electronic music, song and storytelling.

The performance sheds light on scientific theorems and pseudoscientific contemplations of past and recent times that endeavour to
translate these mythical metaphors of the creation myth into a scientific language.

We then take the audience on the road to awe with poetry, song, dance and performance art, speaking directly to the subconscious, freeing mind & spirit.

Beautiful costumed characters support the story throughout the performance and express the various phases of the experience.




The Road to Awe

Let us take you on a journey

Click image to watch performance at House of Yes, New York


Origins can be tailored to work for any setting; clubs, festivals, a museum or gallery as well as more remote settings such as a forest or a beach.

The musical landscape can vary from ambient music to classical or from eclectic world music to slow and progressive techno and deep house. We create our stories depending on the occasion, geographical location and time of the year.

Origins can be experienced in various ways: A DJ set typically last 2 to 5 hours, However, we can also perform Origins as an opening ceremony, poetical performance intermezzo, dinner concept or avant-garde theatre play.

We love to host areas, dinners and party nights

and have art directed and organized cutting-edge events around the world, working together with talented artists, creating unforgettable experiences!

Click image to see a performance in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico

Click image to listen to the 6 hour mix, recorded at Landjuweel, Ruigoord Amsterdam 2018

Krien Jozeph

Krien Jozeph is a much appreciated event
organizer, art-director and DJ as well as a
trained coach and counsellor with an on
and-offline counselling practice for many years.

Since 2000 Krien Jozeph has developed,
produced and played at many different events;
from Mysteryland to Meadows in the Mountains,
Fusion to Boom and from custom-tailored events
for clients to Classical Music Raves.

As a DJ he is praised for his lyrical ambient mixes
and deep dancefloor sets. All his compilations
are inherently poetic and often laced with
metaphysical suggestions.

Merante Tamar

After studying Hermetic Philosophy Merante Tamar developed herself as a performing artist. She started her career as creative director

(2007-2012) and performance artist of Supperclub Amsterdam – the infamous avant-garde lounge restaurant and club, situated right in

the centre and culture of Amsterdam. In 2010 she won a big television talent show. Since then she has mesmerized audiences with her

sparkling performances from Dubai to Delhi, Shanghai to Hong Kong, Cape Town to L.A and all the European capitals in between.

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Sound and Visuals


Click on image to see video or listen to compilations

Costumes by Merante Tamar

I would like

Ambient mix at Sisyphos, Berlin

Eclectic tribal mix at Fusion, Germany

Slow techno mix at Maxa camp, Tulum

Classical mix at Classic Music Rave

Slow techno mix at Maxa camp, Tulum

Progressive techno mix at Kater blau

Follow us on Instagram – For bookings, please email: or call +31646892592