Origins: Krien & Merante

share unique avant-garde performances and events with a strong poetic signature,
aiming to inspire and amaze, to liberate and explore our shared Origins. In Search of the Miraculous

With a background and mutual interest in hermetic philosophy, psychology and the arts
Krien Jozeph & Merante Tamar take the audience on a journey, exploring mythology, 
metaphysics and science through music, performance art and poetry…

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We explore ancient creation myths from around the world. Rewriting forlorn prose and poetry makes these stories comprehensive to wider audience. Introducing old and new ideas through electronic music, song, dance and storytelling.

Through translating these mythical metaphors into a scientific language, the performances shed light on pseudoscientific theorems and contemplations of past and more recent times.


We take the audience on the road to awe, speaking directly to the subconscious, freeing the mind & spirit. Our costumes support the stories throughout the performances and express the different phases of the experience.

Follow us on Instagram – For bookings, please email: or call +31646892592