Concepts & Bookings

A poetic intermezzo, a spectacular opening show, a theatrical DJ set or an entire event…

To give depth and color to any occasion! 

We create tailor-made shows and events for private parties and business events, ánd offer ready-made concepts and performances that can be booked individually.

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The Big Balloon Performance

The Origins Experience

Tree of Life

The Big Balloon performance tells the story of the beginning of time and the unleashing of creativity.

This 15-minute spectacular show has mesmerized audiences around the globe.

A beautiful opening act, intermezzo or closing show, that can be customized to suit your event!

Do you want your guests to feel inspired and have something to think and talk about?

Origins: Krien & Merante create concepts to suit your network or business event. 

With short stylish performances, interactives, and music to listen in and out, we enhance your event!

Our immersive club and festival DJ sets take you on a sensorial adventure, into a world of sound & wonder, a subconscious Holy Mountain.

Guests often talk of an ecstatic experience that left them elevated and in Awe, ánd longing for more!