Krien Jozeph & Merante Tamar

Merante is a charismatic chameleon, singer, performer and visual artist, inspired by human nature, mythology & metaphysics.

Her presenceis a true celebration of freedom & femininity.

Globally Presented

Krien & Merante have been traveling the world to share their vision: from Dubai to New Delhi, Shanghai to Hong Kong, Cape Town to Tulum, L.A, New York, plus all

European capitals in-between.

Krien is a visionary art-director and event organizer, with a keen ear for outstanding music and a rich taste in art:

a romantic philosopher with a compelling take on life.


Unique theatrical DJ sets, art performances and custom tailored events with a strong poetic signature, aiming to inspire & amaze, to liberate and put our shared Origins into perspective. Expect an authentic immersive experience.

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