Technical Rider for Krien Jozeph & Merante Tamar


A standard modern CDJ setup (in perfect working condition) with:

– Sound system: Funktion One speakers & amplifier(s) – high quality, with sufficient power & headroom.

– DJ mixer: Pioneer 2000, with Mic channel and effects and at least 4 stereo line channels.

– CD players: 3x Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus S2, connected with LAN cable.

– Monitor speaker(s): near the DJ setup, level adjustable from the DJ mixer and one (or two) for Merante on stage.

– Microphone: Shure SM58 wireless or similar dynamic mic, connected to the DJ mixer.

Stages/tables: Safe and solid stairs should lead up to all stages. Merante often uses (dinner) tables and/or the  DJ-booth as a  
                          if this is undesirable, please communicate before-hand. 
                          The DJ setup should be on a stable table of 110-120 cm height.


Light: the DJ table and stage(s) should be properly lit in (various) adjustable colors, including soft white, to light the performer(s) 


Dressing room: needs to be relatively close to the DJ booth and/or accessible via the backstage.
There should be a tall standing mirror, adequate light, heating and space. A costume rack, table and two chairs.

We very much appreciate healthy organic food, still and sparkling water, ginger tea and ginger beer, craft beer.

The venue has to be equipped and staffed with technical support for rehearsals and shows.